Diving around Isla del Caño

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Diving around Isla del Caño

This tiny island, a Biological Reserve just 15 kilometres from the coast, is the ideal place in Costa Rica to enjoy the undersea richness of a world of silence.

Boasting royal parrots, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, mackerel, eel, and coral (18 species recorded in total), the underwater biodiversity of this tiny Pacificis land is absolutely fascinating. It can bed is covered with mask and fins for some simple snorkelling not far from the beaches, or with air tanks that allow visits to the many surrounding rock formations.

The value of Isla del Caño is all the greater, as Costa Rica has few diving spots; the Caribbean side is not easily walkable, and the country's other exceptional site, the Isla del Coco (600 species of molluscs, 300 species of fish and 32 species of coral), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is lost in the Pacific more than 500 kilometres offshore. This latter, much less accessible spot is reserved for true enthusiasts and the very experienced.

Isla del Caño
Provincia de Puntarenas