Fish and shellfish on Marie-Galante

Fish and shellfish on Marie-Galante

La Playa is ranked among the best restaurants in the Caribbean. Enjoy the tasty seafood-inspired cuisine in a holiday atmosphere.

If you go to Marie-Galante, stop at La Playa, as the chef Jerome Hagège will treat you like royalty. Located in Capesterre on the coast road, opposite Feuillère Beach, one of the prettiest of the island, its white-and-blue facade will make you want to stop.

Seaside decor in white wood, punctuated by touches of turquoise, striped nautical blinds, and hanging fishnets makes this a choice setting for a cuisine that heavily emphasises fish and shellfish from the island.

Coconut crab, fish carpaccio, crayfish and colourful Creole dishes are sure to delight. But the house specialty is lobster straight from the lagoon of Marie-Galante. Prepared to order, you can choose your own lobster from those on offer, which are then grilled to perfection. A treat full of unforgettable flavour that you need to try, but make sure to book in advance.

La Playa
Route du Littoral
Lieu-dit Bernard
97140 Capesterre

+590 (0)5 90 93 66 10

Menu: around 35 EUR