La Petite Maison, where celebrity rhymes with conviviality

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La Petite Maison, where celebrity rhymes with conviviality

La Petite Maison is the perfect stopover when exploring the colourful and sometimes blustery streets of Nice's old quarter.

Customers all agree that this restaurant is embodied in the form of its truculent chef, Nicole. She is a strong character who has made the reputation of this genuine Niçoise culinary institution, and is considered a 'personality' of the neighbourhood.

Upon entering, the conclusion is clear. Local products are widely highlighted and absolutely to die for; Nicole's artichoke salad is beyond belief. In line with the kitchen, the service is rather rustic. Here, no fuss! The patron has wanted to make her restaurant a theatre, so, on party nights by candlelight, you will find the most famous stars and politicians of this world at the next table.

Some evenings, thanks to a concert or a movie that has won the support of the whole assembly, the atmosphere glows, as trendy and connected, as it is warm.

La Petite Maison
11 rue Saint-François-de-Paule
0600 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 92 59 59

Menu: around 45 EUR