Le Chantecler: Mediterranean gastronomy surpassed

Le Chantecler: Mediterranean gastronomy surpassed

Every Niçois who has had diner at chef Virginie Basselot's Michelin-starred restaurant knows that Chantecler lives up to its reputation.

Considered the greatest table in Nice, Chantecler is the official restaurant of the Negresco, one of the most legendary hotels of the French Riviera. You will be received here as guests of exception in a majestic setting. The original woodwork, going back as far as 1751, will undoubtedly throw you in 18th-century pomp!

In this showcase of art and shadows, the waiters have an allure in their beautiful outfits and mastering their choreography requires grace. The kitchen, meanwhile, is in the spirit of Provence, with respect for its products and the culinary expression of its traditions. It can boast of offering some ideal of gastronomic happiness. Expect, then, a symphony of terrestrial and marine flavours (especially in season).

Wine lovers will not be left out, as it is rumoured that several tens of thousands of wines, including many rarities, are resting in the darkness and silence of the cellar bar.

Le Chantecler
Le Negresco Hotel
37 promenade des Anglais
06000 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 16 64 00


Menu: around 150 EUR per person